Firefox on Android offers great support for installing Humrun to your device. Once installed, you'll be able to manage the Humrun app just like any other Android app. Including receiving push notifications!

Note: We recommend using Chrome to install Humrun on your Android device as it currently has the best support.

Getting ready

Ensure you have the latest version of Android that your device supports. For these guides we've used Android 8.1 Oreo. Older versions of Android might behave differently, or not at all.

Similarly, be sure your Firefox browser is up to date. Older versions of Firefox do not support all of the features we need, like push notifications and proper app installation.

Installing the app

Using Firefox on your device, visit

From there, tap the "Add to Home screen" icon on the menu bar, confirm your intent to add it, and place the Humrun icon as you like.

You will now have the Humrun app on your Home screen. Tap it to launch the app, sign in, and keep your business humming along!

Next steps and related help

Next up, read our article about enabling push notifications to get the most out of Humrun on your Android device.

Using Chrome? See our instructions for installing on Android with Chrome.

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